Product story

We are happy to explain to you the amazing quality of the collections of Charlotte Sparre.


Charlotte Sparre’s signature is her ability to create her stunning prints and to combine colors in her very characteristic way. All the prints and colors are off course ASO free and hypoallergenic.


Silk is the most delicate and exclusive fabric you can wear.
It is natural and when wearing, it will adjust to your body temperature.
It will be cool in the summer and keep you warm in the winter.

The production of silk originated in China and it is believed to be made for the first time 6000-year B.C. The Chinese are still the leading and best manufacturer of silk due to the long history and tradition, combined with the optimal climate.

Silk is a delicate material and must be treated with care. Charlotte Sparre has been concerned with the fact that silk could not withstand water. Due to this fact, silk needed to be dry cleaned. Dry clean is expensive and it is chemical and not good for the climate. Secondly it was a challenge to wear in rain or if water was spilled. Therefore, Charlotte initiated a development project with her then Korean supplier to print silk, so it could be washed and withstand water. After many years of experiments and trials in Korea and China, Charlotte Sparre is now proud of the result in a washable silk.

A second challenge was the fact that silk may slip in the seam if warn too tight. So concurrently Charlotte Sparre started a development process, to make silk stronger and more resistible. The result of this, is an amazingly strong silk woven with the stretch fiber spandex.
With the collection from Charlotte Sparre today, you will wear a heavy, strong and washable silk that will last almost forever.

What better way to be sustainable. Buy long-lasting high-quality clothes.


To offer a more affordable and everyday wear, Charlotte is also making a part of the collection in an amazing French Crepe viscose. It is soft and fluid and is the perfect alternative to the silk. To minimize the use of water for the printing of the viscose, the printing is made digitally. This reflects the colors beautifully and also allows for the viscose to be machine washed.


Charlotte Sparre is only working with good and reliable suppliers.
She is travelling to visit them minimum twice a year.
Both to the keep the good relationship but also to supervise and improve the production.